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When the bank says no, PBCC says YES. We base our credit decision on the strength of your customers rather than on the financial strength of your business. Regardless of your financial strength, credit history or dollar volume, we can say yes. PBCC will work with you to create a credit facility from $50,000 to $3,000,000.

You qualify for our factoring services if your business has:

  • Restricted bank credit
  • A large or a small net worth
  • Satisfied customers
  • Credit-worthy customers
  • Successful products or services

You probably already qualify for our factoring services. Apply now, or contact us for more information.

The following is the story of just one of our clients.

A small manufacturer of a low-tech specialty product designed to be used with tablet computers was beginning to sell well. The company had used all its cash to set up the business.

The first large order from a respected office supply chain made the company's owner breathe a sigh of relief until he called their most important supplier. The manufacturer was unwilling to extend the credit needed to obtain the finished goods for his newest order.

The call to Pacific Business Capital Corporation was almost frantic. The company had been sitting on the order for two months as they filled out applications and received polite declines from several local financial institutions unwilling to advance the money needed for the manufacturer and additional G & A. PBCC's marketing department, rather than offering expensive purchase order financing, worked with the client discovering that their current outstanding accounts receivable were turning over very slowly. The company's initial customer base had been smaller computer and stationary stores. On average they paid in 67 days. PBCC supplemented typical credit references with the companies' own customer pay histories to establish credit limits on the smaller un-rated accounts.

The office supply chain extended the delivery date of the purchase order by two weeks. PBCC funded 80% of the aged receivables allowing the company to purchase the finished goods needed to fill the order. The company continued to use accounts receivable financing to finance the growth that followed. A year and a half later the company had a balance sheet that attracted one of the financial institutions that had previously declined to extend credit.

With over 2 decades of lending experience, PBCC has had many success stories. We hope you will become one of our new successes.

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